Access Control

Access Control Locksmith Charlotte NC 

Access control systems allow greater security and control and less risk to business establishments. This system provides amazing flexibility and activity logging that is not possible with traditional lock systems. It is a solid investment made by organizations towards security and the new generation control systems allows the use of bar codes, digital cameras, smart cards and magnetic strips. As there are a wide variety of such systems available in the market, it is best to choose those that match your specific security requirement and budget.

Biometric technology is also available in these units and this allows for easy identification of employees. The access control system is a very effective system that keeps unauthorized persons from accessing the workplace. Keys can be copied, stolen or lost but when it comes to this system, you can allow entrance by personal identification only.

As security becomes more important for businesses, these systems have become more complicated. This ensures that no one is able to gain entry without proper authorization. When you install this system, you do not have to worry about tracking as to who has the keys and whether they have been duplicated. This can help save a lot of time and money. Even when you have multiple locations, you may be able to integrate the access control into one system so access control that you can control it easily.

Secure the workplace

Managing keys is often a problem for most commercial establishments. Keys can be easily lost or stolen and terminated employees may choose not to return them. Using this security device, you can control access to certain areas in the facility. Apart from this you can also restrict access by date and time and get logs of all activity of employees throughout the day. The keyless entry system reduces the risk of lost, stolen and unreturned keys. If the system detects that the doors stays open for too long, it can be customized to sound an alarm. This can help secure the workplace completely against any kind of unauthorized or forced entry.

Creating an accessibility trail

Customized solutions can be created using restricted access and video surveillance. The multiple layers of protection enables you to create an accessibility trail that can help in determining the location of each individual employee at specific times. This can also help in securing the assets and is an excellent way to reduce workplace theft. These systems can be programmed to keep track of each individual employee in an effortless manner. It can also help protect the employee from unwanted intrusion.

Eliminate lock change

When you install the access control system at the workplace, you eliminate the need to change locks at frequent intervals. You no longer have to change the lock when the key is broken or stolen. This enables you to save a lot of time and money. Even when an employee leaves the organization, you just have to change the access codes of the individual employee, so that they are restricted from gaining access.

The superior performance and flexibility has made access control systems the most preferred choice for small and big commercial establishments. It is always best to use the services of a professional locksmith company for installation of these security systems.

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