Electric lock

Electric lock Locksmith Charlotte NC

Electric locks use an electrical actuator to operate instead of the mechanical system used in traditional locks. They offer you the flexibility of enabling an interface to an access control system. This can be easily integrated with other security systems. Remote key management and lock auditing are other advantage of using these locks to enhance security at commercial establishments and homes. Some of electric systems are mounted directly on the locks whereas others are connected to an access control systems. This system prevents any authorized persons from entering the premises.

The two popular types of electric locks are electric strikes and magnetic locks. In magnetic locks, the door frame magnet engages with the armature of the door and this holds them together. These locks can be easily installed and are resistant to burglary attempts. In electric strike type the latch and the bolt are inserted directly into the electronic system. The employees need authentication to enter and exit the business premises. A sequence of letters or numbers needs to be entered for the locks to be engaged. Each employee can be assigned a different code and this can be used for attendance purposes.

Difficult to duplicate

Physical keys can be easily duplicated and this can compromise the security of your business establishment. Electronic locks and keys are difficult to duplicate as specialized skills are needed for this purpose. So compared to the conventional locks and keys they can significantly improve the safety and security of your business.Electric lock

No need to change locks

When you start using an electronic system, you do not have to change locks at regular intervals. You can limit access to employees and even when an employee leaves the organization, you do not have to worry. All that you have to do is to change the access codes within minutes and the locks are as good as new. The overall exposure to risk is greatly limited due to this.

One key convenience

When you install electric locks all that you need is one key and this can enable you to get access to all the doors. Even when you forget a key, it is no big hassle as you can type the access code and gain entry easily. This can help you get out of any lockout situation easily. The need to change locks under any circumstances is completely eliminated and this can help save a lot of time and money.

Easily customized

In your business establishment, you may want to limit the access provided to certain employees due to security measures. The electronic lock system enables you to customize the access codes by limiting access to certain areas. You may also be able to limit the time that you want to grant access. Modifications of the access codes from time to time can be done within minutes. This ensures better security as people may not be able to tamper with the system.

There are many types of electric locks available in the market and you can make the choice depending on your individual preference and budget. Although they are simple and easy to install, it is always advisable to choose a reputed locksmith to complete the installation process. We are the most reputed professional commercial locksmith in Charlotte and its surrounding areas and have been offering high class service at affordable costs for many years to all our customers. Our services are available 24/7 and you call us anytime of the day or night. As we are located locally we may be able to respond to your call immediately and fix the locks as per your specific security requirements.