High security locks

High security locks-Locksmith Charrlotte NC

One of the major problems that affect most business establishments is unauthorized key duplication. High security locks can help keep businesses and homes safe and secure using the latest technology available in the market. Most people make the mistake of thinking that the locks that they have installed on their homes and business establishments are enough to protect them from burglary. Key bumping and lock picking are the two most common methods used by burglars to steal. It is very easy to duplicate keys of conventional locks and this puts your business establishment at great risks.

Although the high security locks are pricey compared to the conventional lock systems, you can be assured that there will be no break in as they locks provide extra security. As they make your home and business establishment completely safe and secure they are worth the extra cost. Instead of changing cheap locks at regular intervals it is best to invest in a completely secure lock system and get absolute peace of mind.

Advantages of high security locks

  • Difficult to duplicate

Did you fire a disgruntled employee? Do the housekeeping or cleaning service staff has keys to your business establishment? You may be surprised to know that a high percentage of thefts are committed by burglars that have access High security locksto keys. Traditional locks and keys can be easily duplicated and this gives burglars easy access to the business establishment or home. It is not hard for burglars to get duplicate keys as there is no authorization required to get keys for old conventional locks.

High security locks cannot be duplicated without a valid authorization. Only the true owner of the key may be able to duplicate it. You need a signature, photo ID and express written content to duplicate these locks. These locks have patented key systems and this can give peace of mind knowing that there are no duplicate keys around. In most cases when you purchase these locks you are given a special card that contains all details about the owner and this special card needs to be signed and presented when you want a new set of duplicate keys.

  • Force entry resistance

The high security locks are drill and pick resistant. Most burglars may try to force their way in using various techniques. These locks may be able to resist hammering, prying, wrenching and any other form of forced entry. The resistance is due to strong materials and designs that include ball bearings, steel rods and much more.

  • Resistance to manipulation

One of the components that make these locks resistant to manipulation is security pins. The pins are located in a pin tumbler lock and this makes them more secure and difficult to manipulate. If keys are not used to open the lock and other tools are used to open it then the pins lock at the shear line. This makes it virtually impossible to manipulate in any manner.

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