Kaba Simplex

Kaba Simplex Locksmith Charlotte NC

Kaba Simplex locks provides property and people with innovative security solutions. Durability and usability are the two main advantages of using these locks. A comprehensive range of products are available and you can make the choice depending on your specific security needs. The simple mechanical push button system provides a convenient solution to manage public and private spaces in offices. You do not need any keys or cards to manage the system.

The access combinations can be changed easily within seconds. This can give you complete control over entry and exit of people in your business premises. You may be able to prevent any kind of unauthorized entry easily. A good security system is essential if you want to deter unwanted visitors. The Kaba locks are ideal both for small and large business establishments. They can be easily installed on metal and wood doors. As there are no batteries they are easy to maintain and last for a long time.

The keyless convenience eliminates the hassle of keeping track of the keys at all times. Even when the key is lost or broken, you do not have to worry. When an employee leaves, all that you need to do is to change the access codes, so that they may not be able to gain entry again without your authorization. You are saved the trouble of having to change the lock system each time an employee leaves or gets fired. This can help save a lot of valuable time Kaba Simplexand money.

Single access code

A single access code can be used to manage the lock system. You can use it to manage all the users. It can be easily programmed through the keypad without having to remove the lock from the door. You do not need any computer to program the locks. Access can be allowed without using keys or cards. The one had operation makes it user friendly. The levers are ergonomically designed and this makes them easy to hold and operate. A mechanical key override is possible in emergency situations and you may be able to gain access using a key.

As these locks do not have a key, they cannot be duplicated and this greatly enhances the security of your business premises. They are also tamper proof and this can discourage burglars from break-in and theft. The codes on these locks can be changed for each user, so that you are able to keep an eye on the entry and exit of all employees individually.

Although the Kaba Simplex locks systems look easy to install, it is always advisable to use reputed commercial locksmith services to install locks as improper installation can compromise the overall security of the business establishment. We offer commercial locksmith in Charlotte and its surrounding areas and you can rely on us for professional and budget friendly security solutions. As there are so many Kaba lock systems available in the market, you may get confused about choosing the right one for your business. Call and talk to our experts and they can guide you depending on your specific needs.

As we are located locally we can reach you in the shortest possible time in both emergency and non emergency situations. As we offer our services 24/7, you can call us anytime of the day or night and we will respond immediately. All our technicians carry special equipment and tools to install the lock system and this ensures that there is no damage to the doors during the installation process. It is advisable to avoid locksmith companies that offer cheap services as they may not have the expertise to install Kaba Simplex lock systems.