Keypad locks

Keypad locks services Locksmith Charlotte NC

Keypad locks is the latest technology that can greatly enhance the security of your business establishment and home. These types of locks can be easily programmed and provide you with a keyless locking system that is convenient to use. If you are thinking of replacing the traditional door locks then this can be an ideal option. They are available in different designs and styles and you can make the choice as per your individual security preference. These locks are durable and you can always count on them to provide additional security.

Keyless entry

Unlike the traditional lock system these locks do not require keys to open.  You may be able to lock and unlock them without keys and this makes this a keyless entry system. All that you need to do is to key in the security code or numbers to lock and unlock it. When you start using this system, you do not have to worry about bringing keys with you each time to open and close the doors. You do not have to worry about the keys getting lost or stolen and falling Keypad locksinto the hands of unauthorized persons.

The keypad door locks also save you the hassle of keeping track of keys whenever you go out of the establishment. Even in the event of getting locked out, you do not have to worry or panic as you can key in the access codes to gain entry. The access codes can be shared only with people authorized to enter the business establishment.

Better security

This lock system uses an advanced security system that makes it difficult for burglars to make unauthorized entry to your commercial establishment and home. The doors can be opened only with the access codes and this offers better security. Even when you fire an employee, you do not have to worry about changing the entire lock system, as you only need to change the access codes.

Changeable entry codes

The access codes that can be used to open the keypad locks can be easily changed within minutes. If you feel that the entry codes have been disclosed to unauthorized persons, you can always change the codes anytime you want. There is no need to change the locks and this can save a lot of time and effort. The codes can be changed as many times you want as there is no restriction on the number of times that it can be changed.

Easy installation

The keypad locks are easy to install and professional locksmith technicians may be able to do so within minutes. It is important that the installation is done properly so that the security is not compromised in any manner. Avoid choosing amateur technicians to install the locks as they may not do it properly and this can prove to be an expensive mistake. Proper tools and equipment are needed to install the locks properly and these can be done easily by trained locksmith

No duplication

You do not have to worry about the locks getting duplicated as each design is unique. The controls of these locks are hard to duplicate. If you do want the locks to be duplicated you need to contact the manufacturer with proper authorization.

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