Panic Bars

Panic Bars Locksmith Charlotte NC

Panic bars also popularly known as push bar, exit device and crash bar have a mechanism that allows for the quick unlatching of the door during emergencies. It is a type of tumbler lever lock that is specifically designed to unlock doors. These bars are installed on the inside of a door that opens outward. They are equipped with a spring loaded metal bar that is placed horizontally across it. They act as a door component that enables a fast and safe exit from the doorway.

The push bars allow easy access and exit in case of emergencies such as fire and other similar emergencies and is a building code requirement on all emergency doors. During emergencies the panic bars allow a large group of people to easily exit the building and this can help save a lot of lives. It reduces the risk of rushing crowd and allows for a proper exit plan.  You can find them installed in commercial establishments that are highly populated. Apart from business establishments, you may also find them in schools, colleges, restaurants and community centers.

The device can be integrated with the key system and internal alarm for selective alarm activation. All doors fitted with this device operate in the same way. When you push on the exit device the door opens, otherwise it remains shut or locked. They can also be equipped with alarm systems that prevent unauthorized entry. When the panic bar is pushed it may sound an alarm.Panic Bars


One of the best aspects about panic bars is that they are safe and effective both in emergency and non-emergency situations. As the bars are installed on the inside of the door, they can remain locked for everyone on the outside and this helps prevent any type of unauthorized entry. As they are also equipped with an alarm system, it can alert you about any type of unauthorized evacuation.


Panic doors are inexpensive security devices compared to the cost of new appliances and doors. Several types are available and you can make the choice as per your budget. Installation of these devices can also help reduce the insurance premium paid on the building. They can go a long way in reducing cost and increasing security.

The panic devices that are installed in buildings need to meet the city code specifications. You can contact a reputed locksmith to know that the safety and building standards are up to code. This ensures that you have a blanket of protection for your commercial establishment at all times. It is advisable to install these devices as they have proven to be effective in saving lives during emergencies.

A large selection of panic bars is available in the market and these can be customized to fit your specific security needs. As it is very important for ensuring safety, it should only be installed by professional locksmith companies. We offer commercial locksmith in Charlotte and its surrounding areas and you can call us anytime to install the device. As we are located locally we can reach you within minutes.

If you want more information about these security devices, you can talk with our experts. Our services are available 24/7 and you can call us anytime. If you want to ensure proper working of these devices, it is advisable to have them installed by expert locksmiths. Our locksmiths inspect the emergency doors and ensure that they meet the code, so that you remain safe and secured. We can also help you in case you need an upgrade in your security systems with the latest in technology for your commercial needs.